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P2Kevin Hutton has traveled throughout the United States as a singer and ventriloquist.  He has entertained in various settings such as festivals, churches, colleges, theaters, civic centers, courthouses, restaurants, hotels, conventions, and the list goes on.

Kevin was encouraged to start singing when he was about five years old.  After he started singing it was discovered he was also a talented artist.  It didn’t matter what was put in front of him he could draw it.

Realizing his level of talent and abilities his parents bought him his first ventriloquist figure when he was about fourteen.  It was a Danny O’Day figure.  It came with a learning course from Jimmy Nelson.

After graduating from high school in 1983, Kevin was recognized by the state of Illinois for his outstanding gospel music performance.  He received a certificate with the official seal of the state of Illinois.

Kevin incorporates his vocal talents in some of his routines when performing as a ventriloquist.  He has received help and tips from such vent greats as Jimmy Nelson, Ken Groves, Mark Wade, Paul Winchell, Steve Taylor, and others.  Kevin has said, “If you see a turtle on top of a fence posts, he didn’t get there by himself.”