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Kevin Hutton – Comedian Ventriloquist

Kevin Hutton is a comedian ventriloquist from East Tennessee.  He also is an award winning singer who incorporates his vocal talents in his routines.  He has traveled throughout the United States performing in various settings.  He performed at the Vent Haven Convention in Hebron Kentucky in 2012 and his picture was entered into the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell Kentucky.  Various ventriloquists made appearances at the convention such as Nina Conti, Dan Horn, Jeff Dunham, Steve Taylor, Jay Johnson, and Bob Abdou.  Bob Abdou spoke well of Kevin when he said, “It’s hard to make me laugh but you made me laugh.”  No matter what your status is in life we all have a need that is in common.  We need to laugh, everyone wants to be happy.  Laughter brings us together, it creates a bond, it promotes good health, and it makes friends.  Most of all with Kevin and his friends, it’s a blast.